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Integrated Performance Management (IPM)

"Financial measures are inadequate for guiding and evaluating organization's trajectories through competitive environments. They are lagging indicators that fail to capture much of the value that has been created or destroyed by managers' actions in the most recent accounting period. The financial measures tell some, but not all, of the story about past actions and they fail to provide adequate guidance for the actions to be taken today and the day after to create future financial value."

- Kaplan & Norton

In today's business world, many organizations recognize the need to link business goals and objectives to performance measurement and management controls. An Integrated Performance Management (IPM) framework can be used by management to establish targets and performance metrics that measure progress toward predefined business goals and objectives.

At Sun Consulting Group, we use the Balanced Score Card approach to assist our clients in developing the integrated performance management process. Our Integrated Performance Management services include:

  • Performance Management Process Assessment
  • Integrated Performance Management Implementation
  • Performance Metrics
  • Service Level Agreement




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